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Pickin' tunes on Martha's Vineyard

...since way back in 2014

Photo by Anthony Rhoads

The PickPocket Bluegrass Band of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, blends American roots music with good ol’ fashioned Yankee ingenuity to deliver some of the freshest, toe tappin’ bluegrass music around.

Composed of acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjilele/melodica, bass & vocals, The PickPocket Bluegrass Band will serve you “Whiskey Before Breakfast” on a “Cold Frosty Morning” until the ”Blackberry(…ies) Blossom.” In other words, we’re happy to play our own special blend of old-timey, unplugged string music for you!

Have a listen to our sample tunes, and a gander at the events calendar, and give a call or email to have us play at your shindig.

Listen up ya hear

  • Whiskey Before Breakfast 00:00
  • The Fox 00:00
  • Blackberry Blossom 00:00
  • Fishers Hornpipe 00:00